“I look up to the people who keep dancing even after the music has Image result for image on the waves of timestopped, because those are the people who keep on trying even after all hope is lost” – unknown origin

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner” —Nelson Mandela

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

Martin Luther King. Jr.

“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals” —Stephen Covey


The GREAT thing of our time is not where we stand today, – but in what direction we are moving tomorrow.

Whilst it has been on the news today that more children are charged with violent crimes, that our nation in part is under fire, that sea-levels -as predicted are indeed going to rise with Queensland authorities contemplating action for the lower areas at the coast, that sex abuse victims are still waiting for justice, that the court hears details of the recent shooting horror in the US etc, – the great thing of tomorrow is not to be defeated by the realities of yesterday. That leadership at all levels will hopefully gain the skills and knowledge to: “Obtain Peace that will surpass your understanding”.

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Our understanding so to say.

However this type of leadership is largely controlled by the condition of both our heart and conscious, – together with our mind, and the tools of both our knowledge and skills.

Being on holiday so close to the Ocean, I will speak about the Ocean today, – the Ocean both as an inspiration and force.

The Ocean as a desperation for some and an aspiration for others.

Being just near the Ocean during just a brief holiday, – it does cross my mind that “thought” is like the wind. That it is “knowledge” which is like the sail, and that it is “mankind” like being the vessel preparing to sail, – what we say for the unpredictable waves of the ocean, unpredictable they can be.

There is no easy sailing and there is no easy ocean, – but every day we need to be prepared to take our own course, – again and again over the mighty seas.

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Get my point?

Not really perhaps..

The Ocean provides different words and connections perhaps.

The winds of compassion will be always blowing. There will be always sounds which we can hear.

Whilst we may always see the light which we can “see”, the only thing to do is to raise our sails to catch the wind of compassion, – as the last provides the required movement.

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The last is the perhaps most important addition to above leadership features. There are many “excellent and effective” leaders.

However where compassion or conscious fails, – leadership does fail, at any time in the bigger picture of our time.


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Blessed those who have souls which hear “the sounds”, and see “the light”, – as they have a “inner society” in themselves.

This is the “mini society” with none intrudes, but this is the type of society which has desires. Nobody can take this away. Like we are part of the cosmos, an impression of the cosmos, – we have a little cosmos in ourselves. With feelings we not always can control, but with desires we can control  and  both imagination and love to give our future direction.

Simply said spirit or conscious first, and then heart and mind. Heart and mind, – the heart being the base of our desires.

Conscious which needs to control our desires.

Blessed are those who have both desires and dreams as a result of the last, based on good conscience without “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

Blessed are those who have dreams which carry the rhythmic flowing harmony of the Ocean.

Those who carry as well the free confined force of Ocean, – unconfined the force of the Ocean can be.

Blessed are those being able to use the force of Ocean, – helping us to cross the waves of time.

Sorry, –  the Ocean again!  The Ocean just as  a  symbol  for both force and  inspiration.

In the long-term of history somehow we came from the Ocean and at some stage we will go back to the Ocean. But in the total picture we may see it differently. Nobody asks what we do owe to the sun, as without sun there would be neither life on this planet nor waves in the ocean.

History shows that changes are coming from the little things, tiny waves perhaps. Tiny waves in the cosmos perhaps with major implications in terms of the ability of human perceptions

A slave who became the second in command in ancient Egypt, – through God’s love.

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A shepherd who became Israel’s most famous king, – imperfect as he was, – the first through God’s love.

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A 20 years held prisoner who became the first South African President, with a wisdom to unite, – the last as an impression of the universe with a desire to bring together what was lost. At that stage he was at an age most of us would be retired, – but on the frequency of love as part of cosmic creation there is no barrier or ceiling on the possibilities of human endeavours.

An African-American native-born in Hawaii who became the most impressive US President since many years. He crossed the waves of his time from working as a community leader in one of the ghetto’s of Chicago to the Presidency of the United States. For those who believe nothing is impossible.

The list goes on and will endure.

And so we see the need for people to be prepared with some of the precious gifts of heaven, – for the leadership we need.

The last will keep the world equable at the roughest storms to come.

To “cross the waves of time” in our times, – self-control is essential for any kind of leadership. Leadership on its own can’t be confused with control but the best control is perhaps self-leadership based on vision and mission, – based on values and principles, all being devoted on what life asks us to do in our domain of influence. Life which asks from us to do things with the best possible desires, the best possible imagination and enough love to support our desires and imaginations.

It’s a challenge!

And if we look around it’s already difficult enough to cross the waves of OUR times, not even to speak about “to cross the waves of time”, as this sounds endless. But as the Ocean has been nearly timeless in human history, every time when we are near the Ocean we may be both impressed by the abundance of the seas, the abundance of what we see and not see. The abundance of what we may believe and may see.


Freedom and choice are indivisible, they need to be earned and conquered, – guided by our internal ability to give direction, – each day anew, TIME AFTER TIME!

There is no thrill in easy sailing, but there is satisfaction when we reach our destination.

Does this require courage?

Yes, it does! The courage to see things as they are and try to see them different, – and once you see them different things will become different. All it comes to is to raise the sails and catch the winds of compassion, leading you to an unknown destination. This journey on it’s own will be one of struggle, movement and struggle, – movement and high seas. But the movement itself will balance the required energies, with the security of your own compass. With the security that any positive wave will create new waves providing a ripple effect of hope. Raising the sails to catch the wind of compassion requires already hope and conviction on its own. It requires a selective mind with the right sense of timing, but again (last but not least), – hope. Wisdom is the light by day, hope is the protection by night. Time does not move hour to hour on the sea of those endeavours, but from moment to moment.

There comes a time when land and sea come to rest, but not our hope. There comes even a time when the heavens withdraw, but not our hope. It’s the hope when our world gives up that something in us says to give it one more time. Whilst we may get weary, hope says not to give up when we know the direction is right. Hope, being well centred and balanced whilst the sails are catching indeed the winds of compassion, is the most powerful tonic.

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When the time comes when it looks like that even the heavens withdraw, – those who once raised the sails in the winds of compassion, to cross the waves of time, (whether it “our time” or “all times”) – may rest from their journey, when we did what we had to do.

“Why not?”

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf



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  1. fenixinmortal Avatar

    Dear Paul.

    Thanks so much for your post. I found this amazing article which complements your dicussion
    of the “waves of time”.


    Are you familiar with the educator, Mr. Ali Akbar Furutan?
    If not, one day I will tell you one of his stories about his days as a student in Moscow
    in the 1920s.

  2. Brenton Leggett Avatar
    Brenton Leggett

    Good to get some positive, – and thought provoking information.

  3. Sandeep Tripathi Avatar
    Sandeep Tripathi

    Very positive..and very well said….Thanks

  4. ATLpeace Avatar

    Greetings from Atlanta: City of Peace. Hello Dr. Wolf. Thank you for keeping me, and others, on your update list. I always look forward to reading your new blog posts. You’re a deep thinker and valuable in this new era of transformation before us. Our global family needs more siblings-of-service like you who can propel us into the Peace Millennium with “leadership and direction.” I’d like to recommend you find big ways to monetize your knowledge and perspectives so they reach a wider audience to benefit more people. Here is a lead to help you do that:
    Best wishes,
    John R. Naugle
    Founder, President & CEO
    Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP)

  5. ATLpeace Avatar

    Dr. Wolf, I really enjoyed this blog post: “To Cross The Waves Of Time…”

    In gratitude, I humbly accept your dedication… both for myself, and even for those unable to read it, or respond to it now. You had stated it was dedicated:

    “to all of those reaching out,
    reaching really out at levels
    both unique and compassionate,
    – both with courage and determination.”

    I especially liked this declaration that you made:
    “We came from the Ocean and in a way we go back to the Ocean.”

    Dr. Wolf, I know you’re already very familiar with what I’m about to say. This is primarily for others. Amniotic fluid is the fluid which surrounded us when we were a developing embryo in our Mother’s womb. It provided us with nutrition, insulated our embryonic-beginning from shock, and encouraged our healthy fetal development. What many people do not realize is that this amniotic liquid is very similar to the salinity of the Ocean in terms of chemical composition, and it plays a number of important roles. In the second trimester, our developing fetus drank and breathed the amniotic fluid, with the fluid contributing to the development of our healthy lungs and digestive tract. The fluid also gave our fetus room to move around, allowing us to develop a healthy skeleton and strong muscles. As an interesting side note, all fluids conducts sound very well. Therefore, our amniotic fluid acted like a giant amplifier, allowing our developing fetus to hear the sounds of our mother’s body along with the outside world. This is one reason why mothers, in particular, need Peace while carrying their children because it is the best beginning a developing child can have.

    Although direct memories of when I grew in my mother’s amniotic fluid have long ago faded, I sense a deep reconnection to ‘my beginning’ when I return to the salty waters of the Ocean. As an embryo, I swam in the perfect Ocean of me sweet Mummy’s tummy 🙂 The real ‘roots’ of my odyssey as a peacemaker began there when I experienced the wonders of Creation, and living in Harmony with it, in a perfect way. Also, I grew as a peacemaker in my youth when my parents took their 5 children to the beach regularly. And as a young man, I became a surfer and “rode the waves” to move in harmony with Creation more directly. The Ocean and beach hold many wonders for everyone. The ionized fresh air, the many minerals of the water, the Vitamin D of the sunshine, the joy of being with loved ones, and many other unseen values. And down-the-road, when our physical lives are over, and all the water content of our bodies evaporates and returns to the cycles of nature, – including the Ocean, then what remains of our physical bodies on Earth is nothing but a pile of dust. The old quote is: “From the dust we are made to the dust we return.” Perhaps the new quote could be:

    “Our physical beings are made from both
    land and sea, and returing to both is a guarentee.”

    Of course, looking deeper we can define what kind of dust we’re made of. Our “dust” has origins beyond just literal and figurative “Earth.” To quote the line from this GREAT video…

    “We are star-dust, – the Universe is in us!”

  6. Grendmaster Prof. Stephen B. Palmer, SWKM-OSG Avatar

    I have enjoyed this reminding me of times gone by: Holidays spent on the other coast with friends like Walter and Lao Russell, Dr. Asimov, times of summer in Novosibersk, Lenningrad and Oslo; times of spring in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, times of Fall in Bali, Gambia, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Uganda, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, planting Jojoba in Israel, exploring caves in Turkey and ruins in Bulgaria and Malta; but the times I enjoy the most are times of teaching in California, Arizona, British Columbia, Denmark, Malta, Australia, Liberia, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Belize, Barbados and here in Eastern Europe.
    Thank you for the memories; the time is now new, the age of Aquarius has arrived, rise above, or drown.

  7. heartflow2013 Avatar

    Very good post, Paul! I am linking this to my post today ~ ☼ tomas

  8. Pozycjonowanie Avatar


  9. Marlys Foltz Avatar
    Marlys Foltz

    Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing

  10. Xeno Hemlock Avatar

    Hi Paul,

    Wonderful post. And thank you for linking me. How do I link back?

    Thank you!

  11. Michael Nouri Avatar
    Michael Nouri

    Wonderful writing. Knowledge: the sails. Compassion: the winds of thought. Humanity: the traveling vessel. I myself, admire the Ocean.

    The education system today, in most cases, confines our minds: our thought processes, our drive to question and creative; it limits our inspiration, molding us to serve industry and production. As the waves of the ocean are unpredictable, dynamic, and infinite in its moving shape (as you’ve alluded to), they cannot be confined, as our minds cannot… and when the education system & our social/economic/governmental authorities attempt to confine our minds, war, exploitation and suffering – dissonance – is the result.

    Industry and our authorities, wouldn’t you say, should serve us, the producers and the development/creativity of our minds. Riding with the rhythm & harmony, the brilliance of the ocean, through integrating our hearts and consciousness… that is beautiful my friend.