Donald Trump’s Most Idiotic Moments

Donald Trump
“The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the constitution.”
-Thomas Jefferson.
Thank you for reading tonight about some of the reasons Donald Trump should never have the nomination of the Republican Party for the US Presidency. …Also the disgrace of a potential Trump election would really create, – both for the US and the rest of the world.

I spend only a few words on this topic and far more could be added, but it is up to the Americans where they can,   to increase  the opposition against Donald Trump in peaceful and dignified ways, – simply by not voting for him. The solution is really indeed that simple: don’t vote for him because he is “bad news”.

If we look at the future of the US, we not only look at the powers of those in power, but also at the power in ourselves. The power to choose. As people of a society, as people of a community we have a choice: a force to build a Nation by unified grace, –  or to allow such a Nation to be disrupted by divided disgrace, or shame,  or even infamy.

Mind you, those powers are at times hidden, and not always coming to the surface, – but at times the spirit of those power is strong enough to come to the reality of this world, with both compassion and love for the greater good for our society, for the greater good of people being put in the dark. For the greater good of ourselves and our children.

When Lincoln stood up as an obscure solicitor and got the nomination of the Republican Party, long ago, his powers were invisible and intangible. But it served a greater purpose.
When John F Kennedy as an inexperienced Senator of Massachusetts, got the nomination in 1960 to represent the Democratic Party for the US Presidency, – his powers were invisible and intangible as well. And also here it served a wider meaning as he did win with a narrow margin from Richard Nixon.
If Richard Nixon had dealt with the Cuban Missile crisis we all would not have existed any more, because his approach would have been more aggressive.
It is a great gift of humanity that positive hidden powers do once at times make it to the reality of our existence and have a domino effect on what they produce in goodwill, determination and being an antidote with negative forces existing at the same time.
For all of us applies that nobody can take away those powers from us, – however  only we can give them. And this applied and still applies to various domains in life and in particular to those in some political arena of their times and generation: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln,  Franklin D Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, his brother, – Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and others.. Not to speak about US writers like Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, J.D Salinger or poets like T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou, Tupac Shakur and many others.
Even though a number died prematurely, – the US did receive abundance for their giving.
They all had real substance!
Their devotion and energy sparkled new-born dimensions in US history, – both at political level and cultural level.
Even though they were not perfect, they harnessed special forces of unseen energy to mobilise and refresh both the Constitution and the better instincts of the American people, – where it came to some US Presidents, –  or Martin Luther King,  or,-  e.g the New York Senator “Bobby” Kennedy who was killed in 1968.
At some extend we can say from President Obama the same. But the book of history has not closed on him as yet.
The cheap rhetoric of Donald Trump, however, is so easy to be seen in 2016 that any child can follow his message. A message which could unlock the energies of the undoing of the US as a power, with widespread disaster, – if this person would become elected as US President.
President Bill Clinton once said that the US will not exist forever and the tragic is that his words may come true earlier than expected, if Donald Trump’s following may rise, and follow him to a potential US Presidency.
There is neither the basics of any real compassion for DT’s countrymen, nor any real affection for those who are put in the shadow of American society. He multiplied billions for his own business but never multiplied the enlargement of his own character for the benefit of others. If elected he would only create further internal friction in American society with the risk of increasing violence, –  and groups opposing each other over and over again.
It would be a failure of US Democracy if this person would be ever US President and the ranking of the US at the international stage of politics would diminish on his presence in ways never experienced before.
Where the US brought forward real substance in some earlier Presidents, writers, poets and others, – Donald Trump has neither substance nor any intelligent purpose for the future of the United States of America!
Mind you, there is neither ceiling nor limit to the amount of compassion one can feel for those who struggle at the other side of the prosperity spectrum.Those who live in poverty, often within the context of discrimination and often within the spectrum of breeding violence against one and other. Often, in nearby streets where almost every day kids get killed as a result of unlawful gun violence.
The reality of the US is that this huge country is at large inhabited by many cultures and the division line is neither always the colour of the skin nor the contents of religion, – but the intolerance based on extremism, and the bottom line poverty for a number of people.
All those energies of people living together were made out of the greater force of love, aimed to enhance the human spirit in larger than life dimensions. All those people are born with the potential at least to live in peace and harmony, to give purpose to their lives. However, it does not happen. What we have in capacities does not always come to realisation.
All people have it within their nature to express the better features of their personality,  in whatever entity education facilitates the lining and dreams of both their character and future. But the point is that not always the circumstances are helpful.
Only a US President who is standing at the centre of the moral spectrum, able to conduct an orchestra for both a better Union and a better US future, is able to harmonise some of the deep-rooted frictions within the United States itself. Frictions which still date, at some extend, from the long history of racial struggle, the movement on social justice under direction of Martin Luther King,jr and the short cut legacy of Robert Francis Kennedy apart from many others.
Whereas President Obama brought some change because of his compassion towards the wider dimensions of the US as one society, Donald Trump would ruin almost everything what Americans did build up in times of trials and tribulations. Not only this, – the US would lose almost all of its credibility in the world as such, because a devastating choice of Donald Trump would only show the type of muscle power no Nation in the world would be prepared to accept. -Immaturity and unpredictability , abusive behaviour, – with no real ability to listen to advisers, would hang like the sword of Damocles over both the US and the world under a Donald Trump Presidency.
trump quote one mexico
Going to war has been a key element under past Republican Administrations and with Donald Trump the risk of both war and social unrest is most excessive, the least, – one may assume.
The better potential of the US would never be properly guided by a Donald Trump Presidency.
trump quote two muslims
The better potential is to fight for justice where there is injustice. The better potential is to help harmony where there is disharmony. And finally – besides many others –  the better potential is to encourage prosperity where there is a lack of prosperity for those already living under the poverty line. But all this based on reasonable social harmony, –  and not anti-social unrest inflicted by any offensive or repugnant actions by Donald Trump. The last would be a rip off on the cultural enlargement of the US as well.
Often, poverty is a cause of revolutionary violence which can easily escalate under the reigns of a ruthless US President.
Donald Trump would not be the white politician who could be fair or understand the needs of either Mexican Americans, – Latino Americans or African-Americans.
He has neither a real understanding of religious justice and freedom, nor shows a rapport with broad spectrum white American on the future of a multi racial society.
And still he is gaining momentum!!!
For those of you who are black or Hispanic, white or Muslim, Jew or Christian or anything else in terms of colour of the skin, race ,  or religion,  Donald Trump will never judge you on the content of your character, –  but may create once more a Nation where people are judged just by their religion, or just by the colour of their skin, –  and history will repeat itself at the cost of the legacy being made by various predecessors in their struggle to make society a better place. Trump will appeal to various right wing groups and the outcome is unclear as yet.
There is far more to say but simply show in your vote that you are against Donald Trump.
The last is good enough as it facilitates the elegance of a mature US democratic system, where people are granted the privilege to make a conscious choice and vote on those around them, -those who will represent them, and those who lead them.
Thank you..
Paul Wolf
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  1. Alan Avatar

    Well written, Mr. Wolf

    Somewhere in the hereafter Warren G. Harding is smiling as the incoming administration’s scandals will far exceed his.

    All the best to you and yours for a safe, happy & healthy new year ahead.

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