Woman walks past flowers at Martin Place Photo: A woman walks past flowers placed by people as a mark of respect for the victims of the siege in Martin Place, Sydney, December 16, 2014. (Getty Images: Daniel Munoz)

Just a few things to say to you tonight after the 16 hour hostage drama in Sydney, where 3 people were killed during a siege in which 17 people were taken hostage at the Lindt Chocolate Café in Sydney’s Martin Place.. There will be a lot still to be written about in retrospect, by others, – … further questions being raised perhaps as well.        

(as due to additional information this article has been revised now)

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Terror prevention is not merely a distant goal that we search for, but a process through which we arrive at that goal, .. a learning experience, and a journey, which we need to travel, – as due to the increasing dangers we face – as a country with other countries…And to travel this, –  we have to do this with the highest possible safety, – and with the highest possible speed, – and with the highest possible strategic and efficient efforts… All this, and more, as part of the quality efforts our country and our citizens deserve!



One response to “Sydney Siege 2014”

  1. ndibs Avatar

    Well said Paul. If anyone needs to acknowledge their contribution to this tragedy, it is the judicial process and those associated with this and charged with the protection of our society.

    This man may have been deranged, but this was clearly evident and yet he was allowed to roam free, purchase or obtain a weapon, take the lives of innocents and forever traumatise others.

    We can but hope and yearn for protection from such extremists as well as harmony between those having cultural differences.