“If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most Image result for image What sort of a Peace..revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known.”
George C. Marshall

“Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.”
Jawaharlal Nehru

“Peace without justice is tyranny.”
William Allen White

“And is not peace, in the last analysis, basically a matter of human rights — the right to live out our lives without fear of devastation – the right to breathe air as nature provided it — the right of future generations to a healthy existence?” (John F. Kennedy,  1963, American University speech)


It was an honour to be considered this week by Professor Stephen Palmer, to be incorporated at the University of Quantum Dynamics Foundation, with a title at the Order of St Germain, at the Campus in Rijswijk in the The Hague,- an area of the Netherlands.

For various reasons I had to decline the offer, – respectfully and for personal reasons. Titles of honour are subject to prove.  Needless to say that Professor Stephen Palmer is a wiser man than I am.

However some words about the Science of Resonance, the Quantum Dynamics, are justified and in place.

Whilst many believe that “Quantum” has something to do with concepts being far away or with the stars (some may say it’s Australian airlines) – it is actually the vibration of energies and possibilities which connects us all. In essence it is about the interaction between you and me and everything else,- the bonding actually to everything through our hearts as a result of choice. Choice being made in the space between stimulus and response, whatever it takes, whatever time involved, – the choice as well to be both connected with the physical world and the things we can’t see, – but only hope for. We in the universe as its manifestation and the universe in us. For some the embracement to all, for others the attachment to none.

Whilst there are many positives on the Quantum Dynamics and favourable examples in the expressions of its field ( and we think e.g. about Deepak Chopra), – there is the risk of getting side tracked as well. But supporting the institution of higher learning in this area, with still many of the unknown manifestations to be explored, both to serve new skills and awareness, – the last may be fulfilled in an enlightening University, as there are already Centres for Quantum Dynamics as e.g. represented at Griffith University in Australia.

Life indeed is not about what happens to us , but it is about our proactive response, – the meaning we give to life. Life we cherish in its different manifestations, life we need to respect in its different identities, – “Reference For Life”, as Albert Schweitzer once told.

However creation is split in this endeavour as life often goes at a cost of life, – as nature in a deeper sense is a reflection of this “split” and a reflection of endless cruelty which we as human beings are able to reduce as it affects us as well, – however within the context of free choice, within the context to avoid harm as much as reasonable possible.

If we are able to do this we are able to create peace, a topic too often ignored, a topic too little valued as well, – however with the implications to be fulfilled at it’s ideal dimension, it may have the most crucial implications here on earth. It’s about the peace worth living for, the peace which enable nations and communities to grow, the peace which gives people the opportunities to serve, – to give back what they received.

Peace does not mean to be at a place with no noise. Peace does not mean to live without trouble or hard work, but it means to live at a place where our energies are focussed. It means we can be calm at heart when there is violence, calm at heart when there is injustice, – but work against it with “Peace at Heart” (which is the essence) as the world lives in us and we do live in the world. The last with our own response, – with our last choice to make this world a better place.


We may speak at times about dignity as part of law or politics, – dignity as part of medicine or e.g. terminal care. But there is also the dignity of human rights, peace and universal love. The very last for certain not the one as described in our popular magazines, often, – neither with respect or real affection.

Where there is encouragement and real support we may love in a broader sense. This is what we try to give our children. Real love has neither dictionary nor name, – it is nameless. And in the actions we share, resisting the temptations of hatred and mistrust, sharing the road of compassion, peace and understanding, whether we are black or white, – we may suffer sacrifices and loss. But on this road, at times, we may recognise the same efforts in others, – and without giving it a name we share the same understanding, the same love, the same compassion. Perhaps the compassion and love not completely from this earth, but coming from the universe, somehow, – in ways not always easy to understand.

Gustavo Becquer once wrote about the shame that love has no dictionary, but it is at the credit of love, compassion and peace, that it has no real dictionary,- like our soul has no dictionary. Love and understanding do come to us as an unknown identity and the ask is us to follow it, the road of both this compassion and dignity, – with options as wide as the universe,- wide as the universe is. Some one wrote me at young age, at times not always easy, – that we are a cosmos of endless opportunities, that we should neither die in spirit nor in our earthly endeavours. I say this in my own words as not all translations are suitable, – but as it was part of my DNA those words did resonate in sustained ways. At young age this person had by impulse a bright view on cosmos and earth, or better on people of flesh and blood with bones being dead already in the body,- which has major implications.

In the choices we make on our endeavours to peace, compassion, growing as we grow, – doing the things we do, – in all those endeavours lies both our growth or failure, both our freedom or slavery, and it is the task of humanity to take the vision of peace on board. Not the peace of the people going to die, but the peace of those who live and want to pass this over to the next generation. Not the peace of those who want to avoid trouble and hardship, but the peace found to be at the forefront of our restless efforts. Not the peace of those who are bystanders, but the peace of those who see the promised land and work for it.

Vision we have, task may fail. But vision and task on this road will fulfil the dream of human destiny, – at least it will fulfil the purpose of our own lives in the directions we take during our short existence on this planet.

And if the efforts of those who fail whilst giving it everything it deserves, if the efforts of those even killed during their endeavours with their heart on peace, if the efforts of those in all the little actions are not even written in the hearts of people, in the generations to come, – let it be at least written in the stars, in the universe. As one day the universe will come back to finish all the tasks we left unfinished, to restore creation as it was intended. Not creation living at a cost of creation, but creation as part of all united energies, – both the broken and the unbroken, both the finished and the diminished.

So blessed are those who neither die nor sleep in either conscious or spirit, – whilst being alive. Those who lived, and do live, for peace for now and for ever at such a crucial time, – those who lived for peace today and tomorrow, for peace at our times and all times. We breathe the same air on this small planet, we struggle similar endeavours at increasing heat all over the globe, we may lose jobs where ever we are and sharing tears wherever we may live. The last as a result of pain and struggling with death surrounding us and with a risk that this may increase at a dimension we never faced as due to self-inflicted violence at international level.

So the question is not what peace can do for us as a people, what peace may do when we only dream of a better world and meanwhile pay lip service to the relationship we need to have here and now, – today and tomorrow. No, the question is what WE can do for peace itself in all it dimensions, for peace in our families, for peace within our contacts if we can control this, for peace within our communities and at the end for peace on this planet, – for peace on earth. A planet where it’s nature is split at it’s heart, due to the way nature has been created, – but where we as human being have a choice, – perhaps the last choice, the final choice with the means we have on destruction.

So blessed are those who neither die nor sleep in either conscious or spirit whilst being a living manifestation of our universe during their short time on earth, those who are prepared to take the torch forward for this time and for all times, – as failing we did but gaining we must. Not for us but for all, not for the impressions we had but for the expressions we are able to make as part of our universal given choice as human beings on this earth. This is what we need to gain and this is what we are not allowed to loose, as neither death nor live may separate us from this Universe but death may separate us from this earth whilst we failed in our basic humanity.

So Peace needs to be at the focus of our attention to reason at times of conflict , at times of disaster or hardship. Peace which starts in our own heart, in our own mind, – and conscious will rule our actions, if we are able to develop it, – but develop we must – And if in our endeavours we share our tears to gain wisdom through the grace of God, if in our endeavours we share the universal given love to be the proper care takers of this planet, – so let it be said that out tears and pain for those endeavours will be written in the stars if we meet “eyes” who will not see and if we speak to “ears” who are deaf, – or when some of us are killed like people were killed in the past for their efforts, the last by people who did neither “hear” nor “see” or were “blind” at heart.

Peace is the most important topic on earth, – in all it’s dimensions, to survive as a people and to continue to live in future generations.

So let us not fail!

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Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf



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  1. fenixinmortal Avatar

    “You must plant the seeds of peace in the formative minds of the children.
    Teach them the victories of peace.
    Surround them with the lessons of peace. Envelope them in the environment of peace and inspire their hearts with the glorious achievements of peace.
    May their sustenance be peace,
    their highest aspiration peace
    and the impelling purpose of their lives peace ”


  2. ATLpeace Avatar

    Greetings from Atlanta: City of Peace. Hello Dr. Wolf. Congratulations on your invitation to become an integral co-founder with the Quantum Dynamics Foundation. Whether you eventually choose to accept their invitation and collaborate with them in a more direct way, I am sure their foundation will continue to benefit from your inspiring writings and influence in the alternative and indirect ways, – just as our NGO here in Atlanta continues to do. Even though you’re thousands of miles away – “down under” – and on the other side of the Earth, our organization still celebrates having your inspiring ‘presence’ as one of the esteemed members on our Board of Advisers. Thank you!

    I have really enjoyed reading your current treatise on the virtue of Peace. I will share it widely and wildly 🙂 plus forward a copy to Dr. Peter van den Dungen, the General Coordinator for the International Network of Museums for Peace which is also based in the Hague. It is my hope he will forward a copy of your Peace treatise to the 80 peace museums that are now established in various places around the world. “Dr. Peter” wrote this wonderful article about ‘the movement.’


    Also, here is their website:

    There are many favorite parts of your peace treatise that resonated with me. I am certain that I will be reading this over and over again to better understand your deep points. Because of your wide and all-encompassing view, I see you as being in a unique position. From your knowledge of human history and our collective past failings and successes, plus from the empathetic heart of a genuine health care professional, you ‘know’ the pulse and possibilities of our global family. The Peace Millennium looks brighter every day… especially as our global family is advantaged with genuine brothers like you. Keep up the good work. This paragraph is one of my favorites:

    “Peace does not mean to be at a place with no noise. Peace does not mean to live without trouble or hard work, but it means to live at a place where our energies are focused. It means we can be calm at heart when there is violence, calm at heart when there is injustice, – but work against it with “Peace at Heart” (which is the essence) as the world lives in us and we do live in the world. The last with our own response, – with our last choice to make this world a better place.”
    — Dr. Paul Alexander Wolf, FRACGP, DFFP

  3. A. McCray Avatar

    Peace; not as the world gives, but as The LORD gives. Peace that passes all understanding: mind, heart, soul, spirit. Then there will be peace with God, ourselves and others. It is the kind of peace that will not create war, selfishness, and the miracle that will prevent it.

    1. ATLpeace Avatar

      Good point “A. McCray.” And auspiciously, you made this point on the exact 84th birthday of a widely respected peacemaker who served the Lord in his profession. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King,_Jr.

  4. Tom Schulte Avatar

    Here is a short description of how to obtain peace that will surpass your understanding: http://linked2leadership.com/HelpOnTheWay

  5. contentedsoul56 Avatar

    Thank you, Dr Wolf, for this inspired stream of consciousness writing. You are helping us to raise the tone of our conversations with your blog, which will surely have far-reaching positive repercussions.

    Peace and love are all that matter and all that we need to be a healthy, happy global society.

    I would like to contribute another couple of passages from the teachings of Abdu’l-Bahá, to echo the powerful words that fenixinmortal has posted above:

    “I hope that you will use your understanding to promote the unity and tranquility of mankind, to give enlightenment and civilization to the people, to produce love in all around you, and to bring about the universal peace.
    Study the sciences, acquire more and more knowledge. Assuredly one may learn to the end of one’s life! Use your knowledge always for the benefit of others; so may war cease on the face of this beautiful earth and a glorious edifice of peace and concord be raised. Strive that your high ideals may be realized in the Kingdom Of God on earth, as they will be in Heaven.”

    “In past ages humanity has been defective and inefficient because it has been incomplete. War and its ravages have blighted the world; the education of women will be a mighty step towards its abolition and ending, or she will use her whole influence against war.
    Woman rears the child and educates the youth to maturity. She will refuse to give her sons for sacrifice upon the field of battle. In truth, she will be the greatest factor in establishing universal peace and international arbitration. Assuredly, woman will abolish warfare among mankind.”

  6. A. McCray Avatar
    A. McCray

    All of the comments made about Peace here, are quite encouraging.
    The DVD I suggested Gifted Hands,The Ben Carson Story, Sony Pictures T.V. 2009, should be shown in every Teaching Institution in the world. The legacy Ben Carson is leaving (he is still alive)
    for future generations, especially for those who are from “troubled” backgrounds, gives hope, or hope restored. In addition, the New Innovations he created in Pediatric Surgery, is currently in-use in many countries.

    Overall, the story goes well-beyond “being about him!” Let me know if you can get access to it. I really would like to hear your opinion once you read it.

  7. Rev Dani Lynn Avatar
    Rev Dani Lynn

    Thanks for the PEACE link. 🙂

  8. Kozo Avatar

    A very powerful and relevant treatise on peace. Thank you for sharing this enlightening analysis of the means to peace.

  9. vam Avatar

    Our experience and experiment with “control” should make us free from the least desire to control !

    We could step up or add as it comes, or invite.

    So much harm is caused by the missionary zeal of the well-intentioned, so much misery by those flaunting the cause of perfection.

    So much destruction as well by men wanting to steer the collective life to one extreme or other …

  10. Baju bayi Avatar
    Baju bayi

    Wow, incredible blog layout! Thanks For Your article about PEACE | Indeed we dream of things that never were and say: “Why not?” .

  11. Steve Strother Avatar

    You make a lot of great points here about Peace. This is an article I will want to consult often. Thank you for sharing your profound thoughts on this topic and thank you for the link to my blog post as well!

  12. Jas Baku Avatar
    Jas Baku

    Good points, well made. Thanks for the mention as well.

  13. Writing to Freedom Avatar

    Hi Paul, Nice post. This is a thoughtful look at peace and all the factors that impact our lives and that of the planet. Thanks for including my post and link. To dream, to act and to hold onto the peace within regardless of circumstances, so that we can bring productive energies to bear. Brad

  14. bryan maynard Avatar

    this post is very much in line with the ancient and timeless (and often forgotten) Wisdom which says that when all things are most themselves, there is no threat, no conflict, no scarcity of resources, there is peace; in fact when all things renew themselves internally by making choices that fit their nature of love, this peace of consistent being radiates outwardly and creates an interdependent state which constantly renews itself in a mutual giving and receiving as each of the other peaceful beings and realities are consistently being and radiating their true selves. Thank you for helping me see that peace is essential, even necessary, for life to work . You are very right when you say that peace is more critical to our lives than we know. Genius stuff here!