George H.W. Bush as Vice President of the Unit...
George H.W. Bush as Vice President of the United States, official portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 41nd US President Herbert Walker Bush

 “America is never wholly herself unless she is engaged in high moral principle. We as people have such a purpose today. It is to make kinder the face of the nation and gentler the face of the world”.   – H.B. Bush.
Again an interesting US President for various reasons. An impressive background, highly intelligent, smart in his various dealings. Reportedly not without a sense of humour.

Every US President has at least some positives, however for most of them can be said that certain activities could have been dealt with differently. In the run up to their US Presidency all those President-elects had different backgrounds, different roles and as such within the context of earlier roles different perceptions.  Lyndon Johnson claimed that ” after each success there is a crime.” Personally I am not so sure about this, but he was  “a wise man” with lots of insights in the dynamics of power and how to meet and support power within the circles of Washington. However, I would suggest to state that some success is based on crime and other success is not based on crime. For certain not “each success” is based on crime, and if it would prove for US Presidents being elected that after their success there is a crime, it becomes time to change this for the future of the US.

As explained earlier (for each of these articles), not the total legacy of the Presidency as such will be discussed. Subject of the discussion is the violations of justice in general, and in some occasions more specific against the law and the Constitution. Obviously with some of the implications.

In the range of violations of justice there have been various levels in which justice, the law  or the Constitution, can be violated. This applies to the former US President H.W. Bush as well. Bush,sr has been valued in different ways, from different point of views.  When President Bush lost the 1992 elections to Bill Clinton, he retired from public service. He worked together with Bill Clinton since the latter’s retirement from the presidency to raise money for the tsunami victims in Thailand (2004) and for the victims from Hurricane Katrina (2005). He is an elderly and frail man now.

Born in Milton, Massachusetts, 1924 as the son of a most influential Connecticut Senator (Prescott Bush, – more senior even!), Bush served from 1942 until 1945 in the Navy. Besides this he was the youngest pilot. At Yale University he received a degree in Economics and established then an oil company in Texas. Bush in his Yale years was elected President of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, a secret organisation (later more about secret organisations). During the race for the Senate in 1964 against the Democrat Ralph Yarborough, Bush condemned the Civil Right act of 1964, regretting however this condemnation later in life. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1966 and in 1970 he became US embassador to the UN. During the Watergate scandal with former US  President Nixon being involved, Bush was the chairman of the Republican national Committee under the Nixon/Ford Administration (1973-1974). This Committee aimed to help with the re-election of Richard Nixon. Both Nixon and the Bushes had close family ties as friends and common interests.  Bush was a profound defender of Nixon in the Watergate scandal with much background knowledge as well that Watergate could show more than desired as due to some particular  CIA agents being involved. Bush knew who were involved, including a dangerous connection with the past better not to be revealed to the public as this could mean jail for many. In the real Watergate burglary the lead CIA agent being hired to the job was  E  Howard Hunt, together with a few others .  This special CIA agent Howard Hunt was involved in the JFK assassination as well, with various significant Bay of Pigs connections. The Bay of Pigs did show on a failed invasion in Cuba at the early start of the JFK Presidency.  Nixon had Hunt to lead the Watergate operations as due to suspected JFK assassination material potentially to be found in the Democratic Headquarters of the Watergate building. Hunt knew exactly what to look for.  However once Hunt was caught he demanded from Nixon $1000000,- and to be kept out of jail, otherwise he would tell everything about the JFK assassination. Nixon was not very happy with this prospect. He told the FBI to stop investigating Hunt as he was seriously worried that Hunt would blow the whistle about the Kennedy assassination. Nixon was one of the people being involved as he was actually the architect of the Pay of Pig Invasion planned already under President Eisenhower, in close coöperation with Allen Dulles, – the CIA Director at the time. As we know Nixon was Vice President under Eisenhower and had a quite powerful position with powerful CIA connections.  Besides this it was the father of H.W.Bush being so influential that he commended Eisenhower to run for President and take Richard Nixon on as his Vice-President. It happened as he advised. Both Nixon and the Bushes were close. They did owe each other.                                                                                                                    (George H.W. Bush’s connection with the JFK assassination)

Prescott Bush, the father of G.W Bush and the granddad of G.W Bush (or Bush, jr) was strongly opposed against a Kennedy Presidency and Nixon did receive substantial campaign support during the 1960 elections from Prescott Bush, who has been an influential Senator. As we know the invasion in Cuba failed as JFK being instructed by the CIA that the Bay of Pig invasion would be an easy thing without US forces being required, refused to use US forces when it appeared that the Bay of Pig Invasion became a disaster. Kennedy did not want an escalating war on Cuba and was dismayed about the way he was misled by the CIA. As a result of this Kennedy sacked Allen Dulles due to poor provided intelligence. Allen Dulles had both very close connections with Nixon, Bush and Johnson. Since the Bay of Pig disaster JFK has been on a collision course with both the CIA and the military leaders, and ignored advise to attack the missile sites on Cuba during the 1962 Cuba Crisis. Many years later Russian intelligence proved that the missile sites in Cuba during this crisis had already nuclear missiles and Russian commanders in Cuba were under the instruction to fire those missiles to major US cities in case the US would attack Cuba.  In retrospect this intelligence information was reportedly available within the CIA at the time,  but never tabled for discussion as some hardliner generals wanted to attack Cuba.

Through backdoor diplomacy JFK  was actually able to save the world from a nuclear holocaust. His Generals however became increasing unhappy with Kennedy when it became known that he was intending to withdraw from Vietnam. The dynamics leading up to his assassination are in part reflected in an article which can be found in the June archive of this web blog.

Bush,sr (G.H.Bush) was part of the CIA, being fully aware of the pending assassination in Dallas. He was involved in a full CIA briefing the day after the assassination, as reflected in a formal FBI memo being later released. Howard Hunt had paid off the hit team and Richard Nixon was involved via the Bay of Pig connections, who “hated Kennedy”. The former Vice-President Johnson who had a background of corruption via the Bobby Baker scandal was in the process of being fired by the Kennedy’s after Robert Kennedy leaked evidence of LBJ’s corruption to LIFE Magazine, before the assassination of his brother. Both FBI Chief J Edgar Hoover, close friends of Johnson and Nixon, and those who controlled the CIA did consider JFK as a danger and it was decided to take Kennedy out of the picture with a stand down of the CIA in Dallas on the 22nd of November 1963 and a hit team being hired. Vice-President Johnson was involved at a very early stage, with CIA background dynamics and high level contacts, including close Nixon/Bush and Allen Dulles links. Besides this he was more than willing to escalate the war in Vietnam. LBJ always thought that he should have been the US President and not Kennedy. His large ego was hurt when Kennedy got the Democratic nomination in 1960, but Kennedy did chose him as his running mate to help him to combat the southern states. It is correct that Johnson had far longer experience and besides this he was the majority leader in the Senate. Once in the White House as Vice-President (with great dislike for both the Kennedy brothers), he connected with old friends and enemies alike to serve a common purpose. Nixon being the former Republican Vice President before the Kennedy Administration (and architect of the Bay of Pig plan’s under Eisenhower) had powerful friends in both the CIA and FBI as well. FBI Chief Edgar Hoover was his friend, he shared this friend with Lyndon Johnson.

Opening Watergate investigations would open the link to Howard Hunt and if Hunt would speak about the Kennedy assassination, Nixon and all the others, with all the complexities of corrupted US governments after the JFK assassination would come to daylight. Hence  G.W. Bush‘s closest business partner Bill Liedtke paid Hunt the requested $1000000,- .

Bush working in very close coöperation with Nixon as head of his re-election committee at the time of the Watergate break-in was obviously aware of the reasons behind the Watergate break-in. If it would prove that the Democratic Party had access to aerial photographs/”video” at the time of the JFK assassination, proving that the Oswald theory in connection with the JFK assassination was fabricated, he would be eventually inflicted as well. Liedtke was the Texas finance chairman for both the Presidential campaigns for Richard Nixon.  Bush had close connections with Liedtke via the Zapata Corporation, -as mentioned. As reflected both former President Bush, Nixon and Johnson had joint interest and involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Obviously therefore it was in Bush’s interest as well that Hunt would be silenced. Jack Ruby (who killed Oswald)  worked for Nixon when Richard Nixon was a member of US Congress (under the name of Jack Rubenstein) and reportedly Nixon ordered Ruby to kill Oswald, with full backup from both the FBI and Mafia connections. Those connections have been always there, with whom both Bush and the CIA had close links in the “Bay of Pigs” associations.

President Herbert Walker Bush has a most interesting background and played a most important role as Vice President under President Reagan. There were many private sessions like his son the later President George W bush had with Vice President Cheney , the last presenting his arguments and whisper in the President’s ear.   So had Reagan H W. Bush the Vice President presenting arguments and whisper in his ear. Interestingly the later Vice-President Cheney’s firm Halliburton, Brown & Root in part financed Permindex. The last is the Corporate Front which operated the assassination on John F Kennedy.

As one may see, the world is small in “the circles of Washington”. The dynamics and interconnections are interesting.  Jack Ruby before he died in prison with no reason to lie or being afraid anymore was interviewed just before he died and said a highly interesting thing, confirming other sources on the important background role Lyndon Johnson played in the JFK assassination. He said on video tape:  “If Adlai Stevenson had been Vice President, there never would have been an assassination of President Kennedy.” The reporter asked: “Can you explain that?”

Ruby answered:    “The answer is the man who is in office now.” He did indicate on President Lyndon Johnson.

If we look now in retrospect on the assassination of Robert F Kennedy by the CIA, the background history of both Lyndon Johnson, J.Edgar Hoover at the time being the FBI Chief, and Richard Nixon the Republican candidate for the US Presidency, we can’t deny that there have been various interested parties as well not to have Robert F Kennedy being the next US President in 1968, and all major background forces working again together as well on this point to prevent this from happening, as everybody till so far mentioned would be “screwed up” with an RFK Presidency as RFK would not be the person to resist justice where justice should be applied.

Once Nixon got the US Presidency in 1968,  G.H. Bush was appointed ambassador for the UN by President Nixon and reportedly he did this with great pleasure and enthusiasm. He served then as US envoy to China (1974-1975), followed by a nomination to CIA Director in 1976 under President Gerald Ford.  (Like Bush, Ford was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity as well – a secret society).                                                                                                                                   (Bush at the CIA, as CIA Director)

Nominating Bush to CIA Director was a political choice for Ford to prevent further leaks via the CIA, with a reflection to improve the image of the CIA. Preventing further leaks was most important for Ford as well as he played a highly misleading role in the Warren Commission, with him leaking all confidential information to FBI Chief Hoover. Bush’s Directorship of the CIA lasted until 1977 and was first perceived as most controversial by Senator Frank Church who did lead Senate investigations in various political assassinations in the US, including the JFK assassination (the Church Committee).

During his time as CIA Director Bush established an assessment of the Soviet threat by a team of non governmental security specialists in comparison with the official CIA estimate. This actually alarming assessment of non governmental hawks was obviously brought to the attention of Ronald Reagan when Bush became his Vice-President.  During the Republican Presidential nomination in 1980 he lost from Ronald Reagan, however becoming  as mentioned his Vice – President with a significant impact on Reagan, – as illustrated in the edition about Ronald Reagan. Officially the influence of H.W. Bush as vice-President has been always played down.                                                                                                                             (G.H.W. Bush sold illegally missiles from Israel to Iran)

In 1988 after Reagan’s second term in office,  Bush,sr defeated the democratic candidate Michael Dukakis and became the next US President. Needless to say that his election was a profound bonus for both the CIA and the Pentagon. His Administration from 1989 lasted for 4 years and was centred around an aggressive foreign policy including an invasion of Panama in 1989 to get Manual Noriega replaced.                                                                                                                               (The Panama Deception Part 1 /12 parts)

On August 1, 1990, Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein, invaded  Kuwait. Bush unhappy with the invasion despite clearly favouring Iraq above Iran, began rallying opposition to Iraq in the US and among European, Asian, and Middle Eastern allies. Secretary of Defense Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Fahd. Fahd clearly fearing a possible invasion of his country by Iraq as well, requested US military aid. The request was met in the affirmative and Air Force fighter jets arrived. Iraq tried to negotiate a deal allowing its country to take control of half of Kuwait. Bush rejected this proposal and wanted a complete withdrawal of Iraqi forces. The planning of a ground operation by US-led coalition forces started in September 1990.  General Norman Schwarzkopf was nominated to lead those forces if so required.  At a joint session of  US Congress regarding the authorization of air and land attacks, Bush spelled out the immediate goals: “Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait completely, immediately, and without condition. Kuwait’s legitimate government must be restored. The security and stability of the Persian Gulf must be assured. And American citizens abroad must be protected.” A  fifth  long-term goal was the following: “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a new world order – can emerge: a new era – free from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony…. A world where the rule of law is stronger than  the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.” With the United Nations Security Council opposed to Iraq’s violence, Congress authorized the Use of Military force with a set goal of returning control of Kuwait to the Kuwaiti government, and protecting America’s interests abroad.                                                                                                                               (Part 1: Operation Desert Storm -“The Persian Gulf War”)

In retrospect Bush gave himself an A- for Desert Storm, allowing that “there are certain things that I could have done better.” In truth, Desert Storm merits far less than this.The cease-fire ending the war was poorly managed.The slaughter on the “Highway of Death,” along which the Iraqis retreating from Kuwait, simply decided Bush to stop the war. Before the Iraq war, Bush’s ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, agreed with the President’s wish to “moderate” Saddam Hussein with incentives to get an ally in him against Iran. Secretary of State Baker dropped a line in July 1990 indicated “to take no position on the border delineation issue raised by Iraq with respect to Kuwait.” Saddam was threatening Kuwait with war if the Emir did not surrender (oil-producing) territory on his border with Iraq and forgive $14 billion in Iraqi debt. Bush and Baker’s failure to deliver a firm and clear warning to Baghdad may have been a sign to Saddam that he could go ahead. He saw an opportunity in Baker’s apparent indifference on the border issue. If he left Kuwait largely intact, but annexed Kuwaiti oil fields and one or two of Kuwait’s islands, perhaps the Bush administration would permit this. Generally spoken note that when “you sleep with dictators”, neither sleeping on your right side or left side is comfortable and in foreign policy you need to be double aware of the risks. By principle it is better to refrain from this as the purpose will defeat the principle on other occasions, as illustrated in the full recognition of the Islāmic Republic in Iran in exchange of foreign assistance in a Republican Presidential victory for Ronald Reagan, apart from weapons etc and the Iran-Contra scandal.

It is this lack of clarity in the Middle East which contributed to the first Iraq war.

In retrospect the first Iraq war could have been prevented by a more proactive US approach, but this approach failed as due to a shared interest against Iran, being likely the determining reason not to give more clarity to Saddam before the war. Besides this some do consider the invasion of Kuwait providing the US an excuse, deliberately not preventing such an invasion, which could have been done by a more forceful message as soon as te CIA was informed that Saddam made preparations to invade Kuwait. Bush stopped all military activity and did not pursue deposing Saddam Hussein, as part of a policy of duplicity

Despite his reservations as Vice – President under Reagan about the approach to the Soviet Union, Bush himself as President was able to have a good relationship as well with Gorbachev  eventually and he signed a nuclear arms limitation with the Soviets. In 1992 he did help the North American Free Trade Agreementwith Canada and Mexico.

Economically, Bush did put himself into a hard spot with his campaign promise: “Read my lips: No new taxes.” However, he had to sign a bill into law to raise taxes to try and cut the deficit. Bush signed into law a bail out plan paid for by taxpayers after many savings and loans were failing in 1989. His domestic achievements were considered not to be significant and in a climate of economic recession and public disappointment he lost the Presidential elections against Bill Clinton.

In summary the major events during his only 4 years term in office were the Invasion of Panama (1989), the Savings and Loan bail out (1989), the Exxon Valdezoil spill in Alaska (1989), the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990),the Break up of the Soviet Union (1991) and finally the Persian Gulf War (1990-91).

With the Bush statement to Congress defending the first Iraq war indicating the importance of  “a world where the rule of law is stronger than the rule of the jungle”, – still there are questions and remarks in the total picture leading up to the Presidency of G. H.W. Bush:  

1.  How did the plane from being controlled by Barry Seal, the most notorious drug smuggler in American history, to becoming, according to state officials,  a favored airplane of Texas Governor George W. Bush and what was the Bush family connection with the Iran-Contra-drugs scandal?
2.  Did the CIA indeed give proof that Vice President George H.W. Bush at the time was a key decision maker in illegal Contra support operations connected to the acquisition of this plane   and that his staff participated in the most vital financial, working and political decisions?
(A murderous cover-up featured Seal’s public assassination by a hit team. The members, when caught, reveal to their attorneys during trial that their actions were being directed by the National Security Council staffer – Lt. Colonel Oliver North then  –  see last edition about Reagan. If this would prove to be the case it would seem normal practice to use criminals to do the dirty work, take advantage of it, and once they are used for a dirty purpose to get rid of them as their evidence being provided in court or in a hearing of the Senate could be most damaging for the US Government. If this would prove to be a pattern the death of bin-Laden could be questioned as well as the same person (Tim Laden) was on the pay list of the CIA years before the 9/11 attacks. More will follow about this.)
3.  In a 1998 CIA Inspector General’s report of Contra-era cocaine trafficking , the CIA admits to “briefing” then Vice President Bush on how they lied to Congress about cocaine trafficking by its agents. It becomes clear that former President G.W.Bush had secrets to hide from the American public. The CIA Inspector General’s report into allegations of Contra cocaine trafficking is a non-classified document.
“If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down

the streets and lynched.”

George Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter
George Bush with  CIA agent Felix Rodriguez a.k.a. “Mr. Gomez” who ran the Mexican part of the Iran-Contra guns and drug running operation
4.  Early1982, Barry Seal began flying private planes into an airport in Arkansas ( Mena). He was hooked up with the CIA and moved the base of his operations from Louisiana to Mena airport.  The CIA was keen to use Seal’s fleet of planes to carry both legal and illegal supplies to Contra camps in Honduras and Costa Rica.
5.  Several other planes being used by Barry Seal were owned indirectly by the CIA airline Southern Air Transport (SAT). SouthernCongressional and public records find Air as a CIA proprietary being connected to Casey,George H.W. Bush, Secord, Singluab and Rodriguez.
6.  Attorneys in Arkansas wanting to have an investigation in matters evolving at Mena airport did not receive any support from the Governor at the time William Jefferson Clinton.  A public request for further investigation was ignored and once President, – Clinton was neither correct nor truthful to the press about any of his involvement or knowledge, claiming that it was a Federal Issue which had nothing to do with him, and that he provided all support to have the matter properly investigated, which was claimed not to be true by the attorneys who said that their ask for funding an investigation was ignored. In other words, what are the Bush – Clinton links in the Iran Contra scandal for which an airport was used in Arkansas (Mena) for a major CIA coördinated drug trafficking scandal?
7 .  Interesting is the list of people being pardoned by the former US President H.W.Bush. On December 24, 1992, he granted executive clemency to six former government employees implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal of the late 1980s, most prominently former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Weinberger, who had  to stand trial on January 5, 1993,  due to criminal charges related to the Iran-Contra scandal, was described by Bush as a “true American patriot”. In addition  George H.W. Bush pardoned Duane R. Clarridge, Clair E. McFarlane, Elliott Abrams, and Alan G. Fiers Jr. They were  all  indicted and/or convicted of criminal charges by an Independent Counsel.
7.  All three generations Bush  have been and are members of a most powerful and most secret society. It’s called The order of Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior or secret society at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. It is a traditional peer society to Scroll and Key and Wolf’s Head, as the three senior class ‘landed societies’ at Yale. Judith Ann Schiff, Chief Research Archivist at the Yale University Library wrote: “The names of its members weren’t kept secret — that was an innovation of the 1970s — but its meetings and practices were.” Among the prominent  members are/were President and Supreme Court Justice William Howard Taft (son of a founder of the society), former President George H. W. Bush, his son former President George Bush and many others.  “I think Skull and Bones has had slightly more success than the mafia in the sense that the leaders of the five families are all doing 100 years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bones families are doing four and eight years in the White House,” says Rosenbaum. 
8.  Did the Bushes help to kill JFK?
Bush denied his position of being a high-ranking CIA official at the time of JFK’s death. During the assassination he has been identifies at Daley Plaza.  See first Youtube listing of this article for further information.
We started this article already with the complexities of various involvements.

Just a bit of further history:

Reportedly Prescott Bush (G.W.Bush’s dad) gave Averell Harriman on the 19th of March 1934 a copy of the New York Times that day. The Polish government was in the process of trying to sell Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation and Upper Silesian Coal and Steel Company. There were profound reasons for this linked with the German Second World war history.  The Polish government requested the new owners of the company with over 45% of Poland’s steel production, to pay at least its full share of back taxes. Prescott Bush and Harriman would hire attorney John Foster Dulles to help cover up “any improprieties” that might arise under further investigations being pending perhaps. For more background see provided by Toby Rogers:

We make a little jump in time, but for a reason as to illustrate the strong Dulles connections with the Bush family:

Six months after the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968, Prescott ( G.W.Bush’s dad) writes a letter to Clover Dulles, wife of Allen Dulles, blaming  the Kennedy’s for the failure of the Bay of Pigs. Both father and son had strong interests in the Bay of Pigs invasion being succesful against Castro. As earlier mentioned Richard Nixon was a strongly interested party as well.

In the 1950’s Prescott and the Harrimans became the founders of CBS. In 1963, CBS reporter Dan Rather makes his career break with the Kennedy Assassination by lying to the American public that he had seen JFK’s head moving violently forward on the Zapruder film. To hear Dan Rather lying click here.

The lie is not really strange as the Zapruder film was bought by Time Life and kept locked away from the public for some 15 years. Time Life was founded and operated  by Henry Luce, interestingly a member of Skull and Bones as well. We just discussed Skull and Bones. An oath to Skull and Bones is an oath and people within Skull and Bones help each other. Henry Luce had many friends including General Edward Lansdale, a known covert operative for the CIA. Henry Luce and his wife  Clare Booth Luce ( Congresswoman) were  personal friends with another high-ranking covert operative for the CIA David Atlee Phillips, known within the CIA for his powerful help with the overthrow of the Guatemala regime in 1954 headed by Jacoba Arbenz.

Edward Lansdale and David Atlee Phillips are widely accepted as key planners of the JFK assassination. Sam Giancana’s biography “Double Cross” (to read the page click here) gives a further insight in David Phillips. David Atlee Phillips continued to work for the CIA and became the mastermind for the CIA staged coup by Pinochet in 1973.  Phillips had a highly regarded CIA reputation. He  worked closely with CIA officer E. Howard Hunt. We discussed Hunt earlier in both the Watergate burglary, knowing to look for after his involvement in the JFK assassination.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Phillips was the CIA case officer for the anti Castro Cubans in Havana and Mexico City. He was also the CIA controller for Lee Harvey Oswald and James Files. James Files has confessed that he fired the shot into JFK’s head from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll in Daley Plaza. This story is ignored by a somehow controlled  mainstream media.  David Atlee Phillips rises later to CIA director of Covert Operations for the Western Hemisphere. According to his nephew Shawn Phillips, the famous musician, David Atlee Phillips confirmed to his brother James Atlee Phillips that he was in Dallas the day Kennedy died.

The following document  being  declassified the other day, puts George H.W.  close to Dallas within 2 hours of JFK’s assassination:

The above document (as it shows as well in the first YouTube listing in this article) places Bush in Dallas on  the day and night of 22nd of November 1963.

This is an F.B.I. memorandum, dated November 29, 1963, is from Director J. Edgar Hoover to the State Department and 
is subject-headed "Assassination nt John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963." In it, Hoover reports that the Bureau had briefed 
"Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" shortly after the assassination on the reaction of Cuban exiles in Miami. 
A source with close connections to the intelligence community confirms that Bush started working for the agency in 1960 or 1961, 
using his oil business as a cover for clandestine activities.

George H. W. Bush is bringing up the name James Parrott. 

Who is James Parrott? Bush wants to keep his telephone call confidential. If he thought Parrott was a serious threat for Kennedy in Houston, why is this warning revealed after the real assassination at 1.45 pm? Actually Kennedy had just visited Houston the day before on the 21nd of November 1963. FBI reports do show that they prevented a plot in Houston. The document states that Bush stayed at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel intending to return to his residence on the 23rd of November.  There is photographic material available that he was positioned close to the entrance of the Texas School Book Depository at Dealy Plaza in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination. Obviously there is a story about Bush to the Kennedy assassination of which we don’t know the finer details, and those details have never been publicly disclosed. Bush did tell Chief FBI Hoover about a conspiracy involving pro Castro Cubans in Miami on the 29th of November 1963. He gives the image to help, but both he and Hoover do know better. The assassination had nothing to do with pro Castro Cubans, as both Bush and Hoover knew at the time. It was just distraction public attention from reality.       Is it possible that above document provides Bush with an alibi or other denial? 

The interesting thing is that thirty years later the same James Parrott is linked with Bush’s presidential campaign against William Jefferson Clinton.
The FBI agent that took Bush’s call was Graham Kitchel, a favourite of FBI Director, J. E. Hoover who was briefing Bush of the CIA on November 23, 1963 . On the 13th of October 1999, Bruce Adamson called Kenneth B. Jackson the FBI agent who investigated Parrott and received Bush’s complaint. Interestingly Mr. Jackson refused to return Adamson’s phone call.

The plots to kill both JFK  and RFK do have both  their origines in forces working closely together on the Bay of Pigs and the plots to assassinate Fidel Castro. Various of these forces had their own reasons to recapture Cuba and to hate Kennedy, whom they also blamed for the failure of the Bay of Pigs apart from other things. It can’t be denied that both JFK and RFK in the total picture of things worked at the better end of the moral spectrum in the circles of Washington, against all odds, – against a highly criminal infestation of the highest levels of Government and Governments to come.  These groups were 1) The CIA with the approval of some of the highest government officials (like Johnson, Hoover, Ford and Nixon) 2) The anti Castro Cuban exiles 3) Mafiabosses Sam Giancana , Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante and 4) wealthy industrialists and Texan oilmen like H.L. Hunt, Syd Richardson and Clint Murchison. George H.W. Bush has documented connections to all four groups.

Sam Giancana states in his biography that he knew Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon personally (to read the page click here), as well as the aforementioned oil millionaires and George Demohrenshildt (to read the page click here), , and that they planned the JFK assassination together. James Files, the confessed grassy knoll assassin who fired the fatal shot into JFK’s head, did not only work for Sam Giancana, but was recruited in the CIA to train Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs, by none other than David Atlee Phillips. He claims that one of his later senior supervisors in covert operations was George H.W. Bush.

Bush was part of this Government corruption, for years to last.  Neither former Presidents Johnson, nor Nixon, nor Ford, nor G.H. Bush were at the right end of the moral spectrum. They played all their part in the Coupe d’Etat as it took place in Dallas on the 22nd of November 1963. Mainstream media has been controlled on various issues.

We can say that life continued with incriminated people in power at the highest level of executive Powers in the US. It is as Michael Corleone once said to his wife Kate commenting on the family business of his father in the film “the Godfather”. When Kate said that Senators and especially Presidents do not kill (in comparison with Mafia bosses), – he said: “Kate you are naïve, Presidents do kill, like mafia bosses do kill.

Both the Senate and US citizens have been naïve about the operations of US Government for many years.

With all the glamour of the US Presidency, the way media do present it, the secret undercurrents in history which damaged “this special Office” have never been changed as both the CIA and other Agencies do impact both domestic policies at some extend and foreign policies at a large extend. Even if  ” reason”  was trying to protect the US, there have been so many occasions that reason did not protect the US, not by error but by calculation.

If patriotism means loyalty to people at the wrong end of the moral spectrum and those people get pardoned without proper investigation, being nominated in later Governments with greater responsibilities, there is the risk that the cancer of injustice is further spreading, despite perhaps the charming presentation of Government.

History will show that the years from Johnson until G.W Bush did shed a dark light on the political system of the US. Both the wars in Vietnam  and Iraq and Afghanistan were not required and could have been prevented. It did cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars and did not give real security for the US.

Real security of the US can be only established by a total shift in perception on the world and America itself, but this requires vision and voters being ready to buy into such an attempt as it will cost in Winston Churchill words: “‘Blood sweat and tears’”.  It is however the only solution  to avoid moral and financial bankruptcy, and the Presidency of Obama gives the US at least a chance to start again where the lives of both JFK and RFK were taken away by murderous plots.

At the end of  G.W. Bush’s Presidency it seems he became to realise that it is US interest to reduce the tensions in the world. He played his part in history with moments of victory and disaster. He was brought up in the perceptions of the cold war, and those perceptions played part in the many choices he made, but at the end he became to the next step of required awareness.

All this however does not take away that he played part in a broader context within the assassination of a US President, that he played part in/or coördinated a highly controversial way to get the Republicans with Reagan in the White House through facilitating a deal with Khomeini by recognising the Islāmic Republic of Iran with a non-interference policy in exchange for prolonging the hostage crisis in Iran to defeat Carter in the Presidential elections. This time not a Coupe d’Etat by assassination but a Coupe d’Etat by compromising the political system in the US. He played a key role in the Iran Contra scandal with planes full of drugs landing in Mena (Arkansas) at the time Bill Clinton being the Governor of this State. This was an illegal and criminal operation. Whilst playing favours towards Iraq and Saddam Hussein as he realised that the Islāmic Republic in Iran could be less trusted than the Iraq Government, he failed to warn Iraq not to invade Kuwait. Saddam Hussein was under the impression that he could make this move and the US was aware that he was preparing for this move. A firm US warning could have prevented the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, could have prevented the first Iraq war, could have prevented all the deaths being involved. However “the non principle centred leadership of Bush” with his high level CIA connections and  no sense of proper direction assumed that Saddam could still be an ally against Iran, hence the war not being properly finished. It proved that the policy of Bush to try to attract Iraq as an ally against Iran and failing to clarify what is justified and not justified on border issues with Kuwait, followed by war against Iraq when Iraq indeed crossed the lines, did not allow any leverage anymore for the US with Iraq.

Knowing what sort of dictator Saddam was Bush failed in the objectives of this war allowing Saddam to become a real enemy. Unless there was a reason to do so which we do not know. Hence a second war against Iraq has been in preparation for some time after the Bush,sr Administration, which will be discussed later.

Poor foreign policy not being principle centred and allowing scope for plenty duplicitous is a disaster for the US, both financial and in terms of human lives. The background of the powerful Bush family with historically strong CIA ties and ties with secret organisations reflects a trend of adding to duplicity, corruption, lawlessness and both human right abuses and assassinations. A good father can look well after his family, can look well after his friends, but if he commits crimes outside the domain of his family he needs to face justice. However like Johnson and Nixon did not face justice, neither Nixon nor Ford nor Reagan and Bush,sr faced justice.

Justice has been seriously compromised both under the Bush Administration and his predecessors well, apart from Carter. The assassination on both JFK and RFK did create a precedent to allow and permit high level criminal activity  in the White House. This is what Robert Kennedy on behalf of his brother John F Kennedy was trying to prevent. His mission was to keep the Administration clean, hence his efforts to get LBJ replaced for a different Vice-President.

What happened then was an enduring culture and legacy of those people and their Administrations to be continued in key positions at later Administrations and the tool has been various Presidential Pardons for people with criminal or controversial actions who did do the President a favour by taking the brunt for illegal activities being approved.

It has been no coincidence that a number of Presidents have been elected as such as they had the support from background powers with media control. They know how to make it look great from the outside, but the truth about background dealings in the past is repugnant. As Lyndon Johnson claimed that “after each success there is a crime” was true for both himself,former President Nixon, former President Ford and former President George H.W. Bush.

If the US is neither able to cherish values and principles at the level of the White House, nor cut the excessive level of influence of both the CIA and the Pentagon on policymaking by people with integrity  not subject to prove, – the systems of executive powers will be again and again  corrupted with various cover up’s and assassinations and this will undermine the credibility of the US more and more. Not only as a Democracy not being true to its Founding Fathers, but both as well as a corrupting financial power who robbed the country from its wealth and innocent lives, by many CIA directed war’s  neither being with a true purpose nor with any reasonable sense. If the US had lived up to to virtue of integrity and wisdom at the level of the “Commander in Chief”, the US would not have been required to be involved in any war since the second world war as the undivided strengths of wisdom and integrity at the top executive levels would have been able to avoid both Vietnam, both Iraq 1 and 2 and finally Afghanistan. The US created an enemy in itself, a most powerful enemy in the Union guiding the US to those wars and now the US has to face the implications. Implications which can’t be expected from the current President to be resolved. If you get a new captain on a sinking ship, it will be a miracle if this ship remains floating, it will be a miracle to close the various holes which caused this ship to become a sinking ship.

Eventually the power of the US may crumble as a house divided in duplicity does not stand the chance for Democracy,  not even for a fake Democracy.

On February 15, 2011 Bush,sr was awarded the Medal of Freedom—the highest civilian honor in the United States—by President Barack Obama. However it would not surprise me if this reward was a strategic choice as the Bush family seemed to have most powerful connections within the CIA and I guess the last words about Bush,sr are not spoken as yet.

Next chapter (Part 9) will discuss former US President “Bill” Clinton.

Thank you!

Paul Alexander Wolf

Profiles In US Presidential Violations of Justice – Front page (Part 1 of 11) on July 5, 2011